Write To Kill

Okay, a little bit of shameless self promotion.

If you’ve read any of my previous articles written for the Valley Times, featuring TV programmes such as Sanditon and Keeping Faith with Eve Myles, singer/songwriters like Amy Wedge (who wrote the theme for Keeping Faith), and actress and author Jessica Martin, you may or may not be aware, I am an author. Did you know? No? Well you do now! Anyway, I’m pleased to announce that my latest novel, my first foray into fiction, entitled Write to Kill, is now available.

“Write To Kill – He’s Putting The Dead In Deadline: Book One In The Series.”





An aspiring author, cursed with writer’s block and ridden with debt, is offered a huge amount of money to commit a heinous crime. 

Caught up in the machinations of the underworld and at the mercy of a gangland boss, will this budding writer accept the money, commit the crime and leave his innocence behind him? 

And will real life turn to fiction, as events inspire him to write what he dreams will be an international bestseller? 

Does the above interest you? No. Okay, well let me try another tact. Below are the first two chapters to whet your appetite. They aren’t very long, so have a read and if you wish to download the kindle version or the paperback, just click this link: http://www.davidpperlmutter.com/writetokill


Eyeing the blurry headlights in the rear-view mirror, I caught my eye and glanced at the person staring back.

I didn’t recognise myself.

Or what I imagined I was about to become. 

As I drove on the M40, a shade after eleven on a miserable, wet Saturday evening in November, a number of cars, one straight up my backside, creating spray from the saturated tarmac, were flashing me to get out of their way, even though my right foot was pressed hard, flat out on the metal, hitting seventy. Which is an accomplishment for my ageing car, believe me.

The downpour that had been rhythmically drumming on my windscreen most of the journey, temporarily making driving treacherous, due to only one functioning windscreen wiper, had finally stopped lashing it down. Some moron, probably pissed after a night out a few days ago had completely ripped off the passenger side wiper when my car was parked close to the building where I live but luckily, if you can call it that, had left the driver’s in place, otherwise I’d have been well and truly fucked and unable to go to my ‘so called’ business meeting tonight.

You may be thinking why on earth am I going to a meeting on a Saturday night, especially having left a warm bed with an exceptionally beautiful girl under the duvet, but this was not like any other meeting, I can assure you of that. There was no office, no board room, or even colleagues. It was going to be just the two of us, in a dilapidated warehouse, in a deserted place, in the middle of nowhere, on a day and at a time that suited him. 


Taking a long final pull of a cigarette until there was no more to smoke, I flicked the butt through the small gap I’d left open at the top of the window, out into the chill wet darkness. But as quick as the remaining ash hit the outside world, it flew back in and over my black T-shirt. Dusting the ash into my top rather than off it, I shifted from third to fourth gear.

The thought of what I’d agreed to do accelerated in my mind as I veered from the inside lane, over the other two and exited at junction two. Taking a narrow lane, a mile down the road, I lit another cigarette, the last of the pack, and threw the empty packet onto the passenger side floor, to join the many others that had made their home there.

This was my fifth in the hour since I’d left my flat, with an attractive brunette asleep in my bed. I really must give up these damn things. No, not the brunette, I’m not that stupid. Or am I? The fags. I’ve been saying that for months though, maybe a year, I just can’t kill the habit, even though I know that one day, they could eventually kill me.

I was nervous. Very nervous. Why? Because in a few minutes, in the building that I was approaching, in this isolated area in Buckinghamshire, I would be meeting him.

Just a heads up, I have another book, a children’s book, launching this Thursday and I might, no, I will tell you all about it on Friday.

Until then, take care and happy reading.

David P Perlmutter

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