Straight from the West end, “Annie The Musical UK”, opened at the Wales Millennium Centre this week, starring BBC’s strictly come dancing’s, Mr nasty himself, Craig Revel Horwood, taking the role of “Miss Hannigan”. Annie is also a family loved film and tells the tale of an orphaned, larger than life, young lady, named Annie, who longs to be reunited with her parents, but eventually finds happiness, from the love of others. 

We have to start, by first, commending the production team, on how fantastic the set was. The grandeur and star quality of it, was second to none and really oozed, Georgian glamour, in the scenes set in “Warbucks” lavish home.

“Horwood” plays the part of Hannigan really well and seemed to connect, with Hannigans outrageous, daily routine, of being the cruel, drunkard, orphanage manager. We loved his strong stage presence and promiscuous humour.

The ensemble, were brilliant and really complemented each other well. We loved their tap dancing performance and really felt like, we had been transported to an era, of such glamour and sophistication, due to their highly polished, dancing skills and swerve moves. 

Playing the part of Annie was “Mia Lakha”, who was superb. A big voice, for such a young lady and she seemed, to love playing the part too. We loved, how her rendition of “The sun will come out tomorrow”, was sung with true passion and really raised the audience’s spirits. It even had the approval from, current to the time, USA president “Roosevelt”, who was another great addition, to the ensemble.

Carolyn Maitland plays the part of Mr Warbuck’s secretary and was incredible. We loved her enthusiasm and sheer determination, to spread joy and positivity to all. “Maitland” is such an elegant and heart warming actress, she really stole the show for us.

Richard Meek, plays the scandalous “Rooster”, the ex-con brother of Miss Hannigan, whose energy level reaches as high as the leaps and he adds a welcomed Mr nasty character, which the audience always love.

The ensemble of other orphans, were all fantastic! They really seemed to enjoy every minute, of being onstage and further seemed to enjoy, entertaining us all. 

You can see this wonderful show for yourself, at the Wales Millennium Centre, until August 31. It really is, a fantastic family night out. We’ll leave you with this message from the cast, you’ll always sleep tight in NYC!

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