The colour, glitz and glamour, Of the 80s, landed in a Cardiff last night, but didn’t stop there, as we were just picked up and jetted off, to the outrageous “Club Tropicana” hotel!


The plot is based on a struggling hotel, set at a holiday resort in Spain, that pulls out all the stops, to impress, who they believe, is an hotel inspector. Starring 2009 Xfactor winner, Joe McElderry as “Camp as Christmas”, entertainment manager, Garry. “McElderry”, who was hilarious and really engaged with his feminine side, which is very different to his real life personality, so has to be applauded, for his acting abilities and of course beautiful voice, which sounded great. His rendition of 80s classic “Relax Just Do It”, was brilliant and oozed sex appeal! To the ladies and men alike!


The Star of the show for us, has to be, the sensationally talented, Kate Robbins, who was just fantastic! “Robbins”, plays the part of hotel of the hotel cleaner, but soon becomes part of the entertainment team, to impress the suspected, hotel inspector. “Robbins”, treats us to her legendary impressions and Wales’ very own “Shirley Bassey”, even stops by, as “Robbins”, does a brilliant impression of “Dame Shirl”, which the audience loved. It reminded us of the days, when she performed many iconic voices, in ITV’s hit show, Spitting Image”, which was hilarious and so was she! We loved her one line, that said “Loves like asthma, it’ll take your breathe away”, such good script writing, from “Mark Gyngell”.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a fun filled night out, along with a trip down memory lane, then look no further! You’ll have the chance to have a bit of a boogie, to many of the 80s biggest hits, with a very colourful cast indeed! But please remember, in this “Club Tropicana” the drinks aren’t free, but reasonably priced, at the WMC’s in house bars!

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