So, I kept faith with Keeping Faith (original title in Welsh Un Bore Mercher, translates to One Wednesday Morning) and oh boyo, what a dramatic second series. Keeping Faith, written by Matthew Hall, is located in rural Wales, with stunning scenery. Directed by Pip Broughton and Andy Newbery, Keeping Faith series one was watched by 17 million viewers. Set in the fictional picturesque Welsh town of Abercorran, with exterior shots filmed in Carmarthenshire, Faith’s home overlooks the estuary and the castle of Laugharne.

I must begin by saying that the yellow rain mac has not gone for good, yes it’s been replaced by a sharp electric blue trench coat for much of the second series, but occasionally the mac makes an appearance along with some matching yellow boxing gloves. This is Faith’s way of de-stressing. And oh boyo, does she need to!

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Faith Howells, a small town Welsh lawyer, brilliantly played by Eve Myles, owned this drama, stealing her every scene, whether on her own, on the beach, in the car, on a floor, in the bath or acting along with the superb supporting cast, including her love interest Steve Baldini, played by Mark Lewis Jones.

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Faith’s court scenes in the second series were dramatic and emotional with tremendous support from her colleague, Cerys Jones, played by Hannah Daniel.

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Throughout both series, you really felt for Faith who, with her woman-scorned determination, struggled admirably to balance her home life, bringing up three children, the disappearance of husband Evan and her career as a lawyer, with her father-in-law in tow, Tom, played by Aneirin Hughes, also a partner in the firm.

Laurence Love Greed and Ela Huges wrote the beautiful score, with the theme tune, written and performed by Welsh singer songwriter and Ed Sheeran collaborator, Amy Wadge, (Co-wrote the UK/US No 1 “Thinking out Loud”) is as popular as the drama itself.

Take a listen:

Amy Wadge

My partner and I watched all SIX episodes of the second series in THREE nights. That’s how hooked we both were with this subtle BBC thriller. We both felt the second series concluded brilliantly and with Gael Reardon (Anastasia Hille, who I first noticed in Baptiste, Wanderlust and The Tunnel) and Evan’s (Eve’s real life husband Bradley Freegard) involvement with her, we feel a third and final series could work.

Image result for who directed keeping faith
Image result for who directed keeping faith

Keeping Faith rips along at a frantic pace and with its music, subtlety and backdrops, would most certainly welcome a third series.

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