Disney’s 1989 smash hit “The Little Mermaid”, has truly been brought, to life, at the “Cardiff Open Air Festival”, in Sophia gardens. Telling the wonderful story, of how a teenage mermaid, longs to live, a human life and gives up a great deal, to achieve that. 

The role of “Ariel” was played by “Cadi Mullane”, who really played out, the naive yet strong, character, really well. Her rendition of “Part of Your World”, was really touching and brought fond, childhood memories, flooding back. Mullane, actually had a difficult role, due to the lack of voice, due to the character, losing it, so she had to portray the character, with mainly body language, which she did extremely well. In our opinion, Mullane, was a perfect, Disney princess. 

The ensemble, had a massive task, more than a usual ensemble, in our opinion, due to the main lead, being without, her vocal abilities, for a large part of the production. They were all fantastic and really delivered, solid and cheerful performances. All working, extremely well, with one another. 

“Angharad Sommerin”, played the part, of evil witch, “Ursula” and was again fantastic! Her stage presence, was enchanting and powerful. Her rendition of “Poor Unfortunate Souls”, was spectacular and really recreated, the movie scene, well. 

In conclusion, the whole cast, including “Prince Eric” and “Sebastian”, were incredible and all delivered, strong yet at the same time, gentle performances, which was a great escape, from reality, for adults too, not just children. You can also have photos, with the cast at the end, which gives the audience, something a little bit extra and the children seemed to love that. 

It’s showing at the “Cardiff Open Air Theatre”, until Saturday. It’s a great afternoon out and will have the kids occupied, for at least a few hours! Don’t miss this Disney spectacular, live on stage!

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