The legendary Welsh Proms, opened at St David’s Hall last night and what a superb opening it was. We were taken on a journey, celebrating 50 years of the iconic moon landing, which is something very special indeed. Classical music played a big part of this momentous occurrence and Welsh Proms certainly celebrated this. Artistic director Owain Arwel Hughes, was once again, very proud to commence, the 34th annual “Welsh Proms”, at the iconic St David’s Hall, located in Cardiff and yet again astounded the audience, with his sheer passion and energy, for the event.

The proms opened with the splendid “Lake in Moonlight”, from Tchaikovsky’s “Swan Lake”, which was superb. The BBC national orchestra of Wales, brought this classic piece to life and truly captivated the whole audience.

Owen Teale & Owain Arwel Hughes CBE

Legendary Welsh actor, Owen Teale, hosted the evening and was more than fitting for the role. Teale’s recognisable welsh accent and intriguing stage presence, really enhanced the evening’s elegant ambience.

Susan Bullock

We were also treated to a wonderful rendition of “song to the moon”, from the “Rusalka opera”, by Dvořák. It was sang by soprano singing sensation Susan Bullock, who paired with the BBC national orchestra and marvellous conducting skills of Owain Arwel Hughes, delivered a truly beautiful performance, which I’ll always remember.

Tecwyn Roberts

It was fascinating to hear, of how the USA would have never got to the moon, if it weren’t for the Welsh. Yes, it’s true! Tecwyn Roberts, an Anglesey born engineer, helped orchestrate the moon landing in 1969 and is often referred to, as NASA’s Welsh hero. This again showcased the wonderful welsh talent, we have here in our beautiful homeland of Wales.

The “Ride of the Valkyries” was another hugely recognisable piece and was performed excellently, by the BBC national orchestra of Wales. The acoustics of the St David’s hall are just wonderful and really enhanced this piece. 

The second half saw, Dvořák’s: Symphony No. 9, “From The New World” performed and was in my opinion, exquisitely executed. This particular symphony was taken on tape by Neil Armstrong, to the moon, during the 1969 Apollo 11 mission. So this was a perfect choice of music, to play homage, to the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. I would also like to commend, Mr Craig Roberts, who is the general manager for “Welsh Proms”, for his wonderful script writing.

Owen Teale, Owain Arwel Hughes CBE, Susan Bullock, Brett Salway.

In conclusion, I felt this was a wonderful opening concert, for the Welsh Proms and it excited me even more, for the week long, upcoming programme of events. With tickets starting at £9 and family packages available, a visit to this years Welsh Proms, is a true must.

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