The Official 13 GRAVES Trailer

Yes, it’s me again. It’s been awhile, well a week, but I’m back!

Today I want to let you know about a movie premiere I was invited to on Monday night at a packed Cineworld in the vibrant Leicester Square in the heart of London, with guests that included Joanne Andr, Patrick Ryder, James Bushe and Karl Hughes amongst many others.

Just before the lights went down!

The MULTI AWARD WINNING movie, called 13 GRAVES is a modern day folk horror, where ‘two seasoned contract killers,’ played by the impressive Kevin Leslie (Top Indie Film Awards for BEST ACTOR and Independent Horror Movie Awards – BEST BADASS) and Morgan James (Queen Palm International Film Festival Award – BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR) dispose of their latest victim, played by the equally impressive Jacob Anderton in a ‘mob graveyard’ and are stalked through the ancient forest by a malevolent supernatural force!

Also included in an impressive cast is the one and only Terri Dywer (below) also Faith Elizabeth, Michael McKell, Greg Draven, Justin Hayward, Glenn Salvage, Tony Cook (all pictured below) and many more!

Terri Dywer and THAT Jaguar!
Faith Elizabeth
Image result for michael mckell 13 graves
Michael McKell
Greg Draven
Glenn Salvage
Justin Hayward
Image result for tony cook actor

The film, written, directed and produced by John Langridge (Top Indie Film Awards for BEST FEATURE, Queen Palm International Film Festival – BEST FEATURE – HORROR and Independent Horror Movie Awards – BEST FEATURE) and Drop Dead Films with Shaking the Tree Productions, with distribution by Evo Films UK, is already released in America and will be released in the UK on the 1st July!  

Some of the cast and crew at the Cannes Festival

So, do yourself a favour, be one of the lucky one’s and check out 13 GRAVES – THE MOVIE……

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