From wrongly imprisoned life-saver to self-published Amazon No 1 bestselling author, David P Perlmutter’s debut novel, WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME, also edited by his partner Julie Tucker is now a book to movie project with Golden Mile Productions and No Reservations, with an exceptional script written by The Docherty Sisters. Top raising talented British director Christopher Butler will be behind the camera. Christopher’s other work includes the scifi and horror movie, The Scopia Effect with actress Joanna Ignaczewska, Louis Labovitch and Akira Koieyama

But back to Wrong Place Wrong Time.

Wrong Place Wrong Time is a true story that has been a HUGE success across Amazon, hitting #1 GLOBALLY in various categories.

Since news of the book to movie project has circulated on social media, some very well-known INTERNATIONAL actors and actresses have expressed an interest in being part of it, and David’s huge fan base across the WORLD, including the screenplay investment from fans in CANADA, are now getting what they asked for….

A MOVIE OF Wrong Place Wrong Time!

A little teaser of the story.

In 1991, London estate agent David found himself at odds with the law. Desiring a change of scenery and lifestyle he decided to move to Marbella in search of a new life, but before long misfortune and circumstances landed him in more trouble than that from which he had fled back home.

David’s real-life account of nail-biting events which led to him being wrongly accused of arson and manslaughter have had readers leaving 5* reviews in their HUNDRED’S and HUNDRED’S on Amazon, Waterstones, Goodreads and on all over social media.

Here are just a handful:

5* “The story, in a sense could rival a James Bond movie as Bond runs the full gamut of success, failure, and escape in a relatively short time span.”

5* “Thank you for having the courage to share your story with such brutal honesty. An incredible read that will make an amazing film.”

5* “This is a unique, fast-paced, engrossing story. I enjoyed the mental trip back to the late 1980s and early ’90s … who doesn’t have stories, right? Just probably not quite this harrowing.

5* “Holy crap, I’m loving #WrongPlaceWrongTime, taking my time over this, it’s sheer reality, loving it David.

5* “Instead of a nice (recovering) Mormon girl from Salt Lake City, I went as a British guy. Any story that has me in it, instead of spectating and nit-picking the writing, automatically gets 5 stars.”

5* “Could not put it down blows you away. Amazing how quick life can change this really needs to be made in to a film.”

5* Whilst reading the book I had in my mind a film and the actors I imagine to be in the cast.”

5* “Oh my! What a fabulous book. I absolutely loved this story and especially as it is based on the author’s real-life experience. I was captivated and fully engaged from page 1. I know it’s become a rather cliché thing to say in reviews, but I genuinely could not put the book down.”

5* “Fab book. I loved it. Should be made into a film. I read it in 3hrs. Couldn’t put it down. Reading it again.”

5* “The writer makes a decision about 100 pages from the end and I GUARANTEE you’ll read from that page to the last in one hit.”

Below is the new MOVIE POSTER

If you wish to read the first couple of chapters or buy WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME, here is the Amazon link: relinks.me/B088955FG2

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