This hilarious three women show visited the Coliseum in Aberdare last weekend and what a visit it was! Focusing on mainly female related issues of all ages, it was really well received by the pro-dominantly female audience.

Starring Vicki Michelle, who starred in classic BBC sitcom “Allo Allo” the hilariously funny Julie Coombe (Co-writer of this show) and real life bikini model Josephine Partridge.

We were taken on a journey involving the highs and lows of female life, which included a group of unrighteous teenagers to a group of charming OAPS. Vicki Michelle played the role of a police officer during one scene, whilst Coombe played a suspected shoplifter and Partridge played a jumped up security guard. Coombe had been accused of being up to no good and was intervened by Michelle and Partridge, but they ended up talking about “that time of the month” and how it can make people behave extremely irrational, the scene was incredibly funny and had the audience in barrels of laughter.

The second half opened with an incredible rendition of Tina Turner’s “Proud Mary” which went down a treat with the excited ladies and few men in attendance, including us!

In conclusion this really was a brilliant show and talking to the three cast members backstage, they said it’s a show that offers a little escapism from real life and further offers an element of excitement, to people of all ages. We couldn’t agree more with the ladies and would recommend this show to anyone looking for a fun-filled and exciting night out! With scenes including tributes to Madonna, Pink and Cher also, you really are in for a treat, along with a truly menopausal adventure!

You can see the full exciting line-up of shows coming to the Coliseum Aberdare, over at……

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