Soul Legends visted St David’s Hall last night, which promised to bring back to life all the soul legends of yesteryears, which it most definitely did, in fact, my aunty, who attended the show with me, said it took her back to when she was a child and so obviously successfully managed to rebuild the soul movement, even if it was for one night only. The concert started with a technical problem when the voice over cut off unexpectedly this was obviously not ideal but the technical team and performers dealt with it professionally and swiftly which should be applauded. In fact, Mike, one of the central performers had the audience laughing with his quick adlibs, which was great to see. The charisma and showmanship of Mike recurred throughout and was a highlight of the show.

This concert was a feel-good show which encourages dancing and singing along which was really good fun. I was, however, a little let down by the audience themselves as it took the entirety of act one for the audience to warm up and get involved fully, but when they did join in, the only way to describe it was fun-filled chaos. The thing with this show is that you get out of it as much as you put in. If you sit on your hands the entire evening and don’t get involved you only get half the experience (which is still great in my opinion) and I was actually envious of the people in the front rows, as they could dance freely with all the space possible. The organisers picked these iconic songs and chose to create a party-like atmosphere through the choreography and lights for a reason. I belive it is so we enjoy the show and feel comfortable enough to join in. Equally though however, the actual performers on stage took some time to warm up, so the show seemed to get better closer to act two but this was, in my opinion, only minor and so it was no excuse for the audience reservation.

Throughout the entire show, there were countless costume changes to reflect the songs being sang. As I have been in a show in which there are many quick changes, I know how stressful and difficult they can be, but the performers in this show did it flawlessly and with no difficulty, which again is no easy feat. The highlights in the show for me were Misha’s rendition of ‘Proud Mary/Rolling’ which had the entire audience doing the iconic Tina Turner choreography, while the performers were wearing Tina styled dresses (considering this song is one of my all-time favorites) I thought Misha’s performance of this was fantastic and had the whole audience involved, which was great to see. Another great performance was Nathan’s performance of Love Man, which involved him running into the audience and having the audience sing into the microphone etc. Both these songs appeared in the second act which was when the audience and performance were both in full swing. Lemar was a special guest for the concert and was promoting his album. Although, I did not recognize any of the songs he sang I still really enjoyed them, which is a sign of his talent and charisma. All of his songs were fantastic and the audience really loved him and his performance. His charisma and performance were definitely rivaled by Mike, which is high praise, as Lemar is a famous soul performer and Mike is not so well known.

In conclusion, I think I may have missed some of the nostalgia of this concert due to my age, but I was still able to get ‘infected’ with the party vibes of the show and everyone in this production worked extremely hard to create a fun-filled enjoyable night. Overall I would rate this production 4 stars.


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