Jodie Comer with her Bafta award!

Hello WALES, me again from London, with another update about what I’ve been up to recently…. and have I got a story for you…..
Monday, just gone, 24 hours after the Baftas on BBC. Did you watch the awards? I did. Have you seen Killing Eve? I have. Are you one of the few who haven’t? Or one of the millions and millions around the world who have?
I digress! Well not really, Killing Eve is entirely relevant to my Monday night out, and I will tell you why….
So, Monday. London. I was on the South Bank. It was a beautiful sunny evening, around 7pm. I was out with my mate, Rich Graff, who’s an Hollywood actor. Get me! This was our second night out in four days, as he was over in the UK shooting a movie.
After a couple of drinks and showing Rich the sights, we started to walk towards another pub and as we passed an upmarket bar overlooking the Thames I did a double take, you know how it is, and who should I spot through the window but Jodie Comer, sitting at a table with a friend . Yes, Jodie Comer who only 24 hours earlier, won the Leading Actress Bafta for her role as Villanelle in Killing Eve, which incidentally, also scooped the Bafta for Best Drama Series and Best Supporting Actress for Fiona Shaw.
So, being a bit star struck, I dragged Rich into the bar and as we were shown to our table, I looked in her direction to confirm it was her, and it was defiantly Jodie. I’m great with faces. Rich and I ordered a drink and for a few minutes we debated whether or not we should walk over and say hello. You know, would it be cool. Would it be very uncool. But we couldn’t resist and did it anyway, what did we have to lose? I have to say that Jodie was incredibly down to earth and genuine. We shook hands and had a chat about Killing Eve, which for me was one of the best things I watched last year. Obviously we congratulated her on the Bafta win, and just had to drop in to the conversation that Alison Cuddy from Golden Mile Productions, who are Executive Producers for the film of my book, Wrong Place Wrong Time, was also from Liverpool, as Jodie is, and that was that. We shook hands again, thanked her for her time, said goodbye and left the bar.
Jodie didn’t want a photo taken with us as she felt she looked hung over and didn’t have any make-up on, having had a late night celebrating her Bafta win. But she looked fine to us.
The next day Rich was on a flight back to America with his signed copy of Wrong Place Wrong Time. Neither of us will forget our encounter with Jodie, and if you haven’t watched Killing Eve then can I highly recommend that you catch up on Season 1 really quickly as Season 2 begins in June.
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Rich with his copy of Wrong Place Wrong Time

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