Good morning.

Another start to a new week and I hope it’s a beautiful Monday morning where you are as it’s as beautiful as it is with me. Apparently it’s going to be warm and sunny for the next few days. So get out and enjoy, but don’t forget the sun cream. See, you even get weather reports on here.

Anyway, when I wrote my first column last Monday, I did say that you will you get to know me and what I do a little more from time to time, and I feel that this morning is the right place, right time. If that’s okay with you. So, I thought I would begin with a podcast I took part in last week, with a certain chap called Wayne Clark. Wayne is an author and also has his own very successful weekly podcast called, “Talk About It Friday” where he interviews very interesting people from all walks of life.

Wayne kindly invited me on his show to talk about my books, social media marketing, the children’s book I’m writing and the movie of my first book, Wrong Place Wrong Time.

I’m not going to say anymore, apart from the fact, that I hate the sound of my own dulcet tones. But please, do not let that put you off.

So, are you sitting comfortably? Good. Click this link and lets begin.

See you soon.

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