As you begin to read this, you may just be wondering how on earth, a North London boy, (aged 54) has ended up with his own exciting (I hope you will think so) column in the Valley Times. Well after a few conversations with Brett Salway, (you just may have heard of him, who hasn’t?) it was mutually decided that I should write a regular column. I promise I will try and make it as entertaining as Brett, which I know will be tough, with book and author recommendations and sports news. On that note I must give my commiserations to all involved with Cardiff City but at least you have two meaty derby games with Swansea next season. I will also focus on movies, music and anything in the world of celebrities. Sounds good? Yes? Great!

Felly, yn fy ngwaith ysgrifenedig gorau posibl, gadewch i mi gyflwyno fy hun. Fy enw i yw David P Perlmutter ac rwy’n awdur.

I’m afraid that’s my limit of writing Welsh, with a little bit of help from Google, and thanks to a few people on Twitter who corrected the Google translation which apparently isn’t the best. I promise I will organically learn a little bit of your wonderful language on a regular basis. Honest. Talking of Twitter, if you wish to see what I get up to on a daily basis, then you can follow me  at https://twitter.com/davepperlmutter and I may just follow you back. Currently I’m standing at 49,900 followers and I’d love to hit 50,000 before I hit 55 in July.

Anyway, as I’ve said, I’m an author and over the next few days, weeks, even months, if you still want me and if you find my column interesting, (do please let me know if you don’t, definitely let me know if you do), I will tell you in more details about me, my books and the movie that’s being made from one of them. I know, a movie. Very exciting, but for now let me tell you what this week has in store for me.

Today, Tuesday, (I hope you all had a great Bank Holiday weekend) I’m going to see a play called Admissions at Trafalgar Studios in London. I’ve been invited by actor Elliot Ross who is playing the lead male role in the play which has received rave reviews and also stars Alex Kingston (of Dr Who, ER, Discovery of Witches, The Widow etc., etc., fame) and Sarah Hadland, who was Miranda’s double act in, yes Miranda, but you knew that didn’t you. I will also be writing a review of the play for you to read, later this week.

On Wednesday in London, I have a production meeting with the executive producers of the film, Golden Mile Productions and co-producers, No Reservations Entertainment, along with director Christopher Butler, to discuss the latest in the book to movie development of Wrong Place Wrong Time. That’s me above, holding a copy of the paperback. But again, you knew that. This was my first book, a true story about a time when I went to live in Marbella in search of a fresh start and fell into an unimaginable nightmare.

If you continue this journey with me, which I hope you will, you will read more about this and my other books. But if you can’t wait (and why would you) for my next article, you can nip over to my website and check out my other books: www.davidpperlmutter.com

So, on Thursday evening, get this, I’m out in London with award-winning Hollywood actor Rich Graff. I know, a REAL Hollywood actor and little old me. I promise I’m not going to Madame Tussauds, he’s real. I’ll take a photo to prove it. Rich is probably best known for playing Lucky Luciano in Making of The Mob and as Heather Graham’s boyfriend, in the movie, My Dead Boyfriend. I will let you know how it went, and I’m sure as I’ve said, I’ll get a photo or twenty.

Finally. Friday. I have a meeting with St Georges Shopping Centre and Tool Box Marketing to go through the latest draft of the children’s book I am currently writing, which is about primary school children’s memories of living in Harrow, which is in Greater London. In January I visited three schools in Harrow in one week and hosted seven workshops involving 190 children. I came away at the end of them, not only with 190 stories of their memories, but on a huge high. These children were an inspiration and I can’t wait to see their stories in print. The book is due to be published in July. I will keep you updated.

So, that’s my week and yes, it’s a busy one. What are you guys up to? Let me know.

I hope you have enjoyed getting to know me a little, and as the days and weeks go by, I’m sure you will get to know more about me as I hope I’ll get to know you.
If you have any questions, why not get in touch, email me at david@davidpperlmutter.com I’d love to hear from you

Right, I’d better get ready for the theatre. Have to wash my hair. Thanks for reading and bye for now.

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