‘SISTER ACT’ performed by the Harmonic Arts Company, St Peters Hall, Roath, 3 and 4 April

Last Thursday I attended this excellent production of ‘Sister Act’ by an entirely teenage cast.  Most of you will have heard of the famous film, ‘Sister Act’, featuring Whoopi Goldberg, which was a huge hit in 1992.  However you may not be aware that this led to a musical being produced in 2006, and it is this musical which was performed by Harmonic Arts.  The musical, which received 5 Tony Award nominations in 2011, hasn’t been performed (other than in amateur productions) since then, so choosing this was an inspired choice by Director, Bethan King and Musical Director, Natasha Evans.  


Star of the show was Sophie Baker, who played the lead, Deloris Van Cartier, on the Thursday.  Sophie has an amazing voice and is a great young actress, having already performed in productions of ‘The Adams Family’ and ‘We Will Rock You’ in the last year.

Deloris was played by Rebecca Hennessy on the Wednesday, and she also performed very well, so I understand.  Other standouts for me were Alice O’Duffy as ‘Mother Superior’, Adam James as ‘Curtis’ and Sam Thomas as ‘Joey’, but the entire cast performed very well and should be applauded.  

The band, conducted by Natasha Evans, was also excellent.  A few people may have been expecting to hear the classic ‘I will follow him’ from the film, but this song does not feature in the musical and Harmonic Arts would have been bound to perform only the songs in the musical.  All in all, everyone present enjoyed a thoroughly good night out!

Reviewed by Alan Coulthard

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