“I Was Never Born, I Was Discovered”

Paulus from BBC hit show ‘ALL TOGETHER NOW’ and a regular performer at our very own ‘Cardiff Cabaret Club’ brought his sensational ‘One Person Musical’ to the ‘FFRESH BAR AND RESTAURANT’ in Cardiff on Saturday, at the iconic ‘WALES MILLENNIUM CENTRE’ and what a show he delivered!

Accompanied by a superb 3 piece band, ‘Paulus’ takes us on an extraordinary journey that advocates for human rights, combined with LGBT+ rights. With ACCEPTANCE being a key word, throughout this wonderful show.


Opening with orginal song ‘Building Paulus’, which told the inspirational journey of how ‘Paulus’ got into showbiz and moulded the wonderfully talented character he is today.


Paulus performed recognizable song’s, along with original music, co-written with his Musical Director ‘‘Jordan Clark’ who has written 8 musical’s, at the mere age of 23, which is just incredible! Along with being a remarkable pianist.

‘Palus’ showed huge passion and emotion in all of his performance’s and a particular favourite performance for me, was ‘When I was A boy’ written by ‘Dar WIlliams’.

Paulus’ performance of this, made references to his conservative up-bringing in a small village in Kent, along with suggestions of exclusion and non-acceptance issues, which ‘Paulus’ always rebelled against.


The second half of the show included a dazzling performance of  ‘Life is a Cabaret’ which took the audience on a voyage of international discovery, as ‘Paulus’ performed the lyrics in various accents, including a fabulous French accent. Oh là là ! He truly is an incredible showman!

The ‘One Man Musical’ incorporated comedy, personal struggles and all things showbiz and really left me wanting more! A hilarious ‘One Liner’ was Henry likes to put his………. in a ‘Henry Hoover’ which had the audience roaring in laughter. I’ll leave you with a wonderful phrase from ‘Paulus’ “The world is going to hell but at least we have glitter”

If you have the chance to see this astounding show then please do, as you’ll have the time of your life!


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