Wales’s number 1 visitor attraction has had a hugely successful March and really keeps Wales at the foreground of the arts sector. Set over its 7.5 acre site in the heart of Cardiff Bay, with its main theatre being able to accommodate 1900 people. The centre plays a hugely important role, in wales’ arts and culture scene and is constantly bettering itself through investment into a wide variety of developing theatre, au courant work, artists along with the very best international performers. The Wales millennium centre’s vision, is to inspire our nation and impress the world, which they really are achieving. The centre has been entertaining Wales and beyond, for over a decade and has brought us some sensational productions during that time. March was a superb month for the centre and displayed some incredible productions.

BAFTA Award Cymru nominee Carys Eleri, brought us, ‘Love craft (not in the sex shop in Cardiff)’, which had a great reception and was showcased at the Adelaide Fringe, which is the worlds second largest annual Fringe festival and actually the largest in the Southern Hemisphere. Whilst showcasing there, ‘Lovecraft’ was presented with a Fringe award for ‘Best Cabaret’ show along with having critical acclaim at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The show received several ‘4-and-5-star reviews’ whilst playing at the Summer hall. This is superb recognition of Welsh talent here in in Wales and makes me personally very proud. I would also like to commend Carys Eleri on her show and for highly demonstrating Welsh talent to an international audience.

Concurrently, ambiguous performer Camille O’Sullivan, brought us ‘Cave’ which was also part of the centre’s ‘Festival Of Voice’. Which sees O’Sullivan, perform an array of songs from Nick Cave and ‘The bad seeds’. The concert also played two sold out gigs at the Palais on the Torrens River, for the Adelaide festival. It also played at the esteemed Civic Theatre at the Auckland Arts Festival, which received admirable reviews. The show will also be showcased in London’s ‘Wilton’s Music Hall’ for a week and has almost sold out. It runs there from the 9-13 of April. Congratulations to Camille O’Sullivan and the whole production team for a doing such an admirable job.

Both of the productions I’ve mentioned were premiered at the ‘Festival Of Voice’ during June 2018. The festival was created and produced by the Wales Millennium Centre and has been nominated for 2 awards this month, which were a ‘Cardiff life award’ nomination along with a ‘Cardiff music award’s’ nomination. This is a fantastic achievement and really illustrates the centre’s excellent production skills.

‘Super Furry Animal’ Gruff Rhys was also on the festival ensemble and accompanied by the astounding ‘BBC National Orchestra of Wales’. Which was again highly rated and an exemplary example of Welsh talent.

Billy Bragg was accompanied by Nadine Shah at the Festival of Voice and were both highly commended for their performances.

Elvis Costello & The Imposters also performed at the festival of voice. They executed a 2 hour show and received rave reviews.

The festival also included performances from Patti Smith, Angelique Kidjo and many more.

The festival of voice event, captivated over 26,000 people in just 11 days and received critical acclaim, from incredibly influential media platforms here in Wales and the rest of the UK.

The centre has also recently showcased its latest production ‘The Mirror Crack’d’, which is the first ever UK stage adaptation of Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple Thriller, it has been touring since February and has had phenomenal success, selling over 25,000 tickets. It’s currently playing at the iconic New Theatre Cardiff, until the 6th of April. Starring Susie Blake as the recognisable ‘Miss Marple’, this is one not to be missed.

The Centre’s Artistic director ‘Graeme Farrow’ made this statement “It is our ambition to create critically acclaimed touring productions that showcase Wales to the world. Therefore, it is fantastic to see that Cave, Lovecraft and The Mirror Crack’d have been so enthusiastically received by audiences in the UK and on the other side of the world. I am extremely proud and grateful to everyone involved in these diverse yet equally brilliant productions – they have worked tirelessly to ensure that the people who come to see our shows have an unforgettable experience”.

I would finally like to congratulate Mr Farrow on such spectacular and also inspiring work, along with the whole team at the Wales Millennium Centre. I feel that with your current team and the diverse amount of talent we have here in Wales, you will continue to advocate, for our exquisitely talented Welsh arts society.

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